We are a full-stack


We help fast-growing companies be awesome at technology

I’m business focused

I want my technology to work flawlessly but at the same time I want to think about it as little as possible. 

I’m tech focused

We cover our core software or hardware development needs in-house. I need help with one specific technical area that’s missing.


We are a team of engineers, developers and designers whose mission is to help exceptional companies create digital and physical products that are innovative, beautiful and easy to use.


We have been there. Direct experience within the startup world helps us empathise with your situation and understand your goals and requirements. We know the cyclical nature of startup funding.


We know the industry standard best practices that help you design world-class user experiences, develop scalable applications and build robust hardware.


We understand and actively use concepts like lean startup, MVP, customer development and pivoting. We won’t run in the other direction either when you talk to us about burn rate, runway, valuation, vesting, CAC or LTV…


Are you a startup accelerator?

Not in the traditional sense. We don’t invest money and we don’t take equity, but in addition to giving you a comprehensive technology service, we provide strategic advice and mentorship just like an accelerator would. We can also connect you to investors in our international network (if your project is good enough).

How are you different from other development companies?

We specialize in startups, we apply a strategy-first approach and we are full-stack. The question we ask you and ourselves a lot is “What do we need to build to get you to your next milestone as fast as possible?” For example, if you come to us that you want to build a mobile app, first we want to know why. Wouldn’t a responsive web app be enough for you to reach your next milestone?

What do you mean by full-stack?

When it comes to technical development, we cover the whole spectrum, you don’t need to juggle between several service providers. If you are building a complex product, you can have everything in one hand: we design and prototype your hardware, develop your web and mobile application and operate your infrastructure.

How are you so good in all these areas? Aren’t you a “jack of all trades, master of none” company?

Our team consists of senior developers, engineers and designers who are highly specialized in one particular area of technology. If a project needs some rare, niche skill set that we don’t have in-house, we have a pool of tried and tested independent experts to bring in on a project basis. 

Ok. In this case you must be very expensive.

We are on the higher end of the price spectrum in Central-Eastern Europe. We definitely charge more than most freelancers (but not as much as engineering firms developing for enterprise). On the other hand, our methods guarantee quality, transparent and upfront pricing and adherence to deadlines, so overall it’s a pretty great deal.

All this sounds great! Where do we start?

We always start by digging deep. During our first meeting we need to gain an in-depth understanding about your value proposition, your customers and your general strategy.

What if I’m not comfortable sharing so intimate secrets? How do I know that you won’t steal my idea?

You share as much as you are comfortable with. We believe that trust is the basis of the best business relationships, and we would put our reputation at stake if we violated that trust in any way. We are absolutely willing to sign an NDA, just ask. In addition, we don’t work with companies that are direct competitors of each other on the same market.

Do you reject companies?

In order to work with us, you need to have at least a well-researched and validated idea. If you are not there yet, we give you pointers where to go next, but we won’t start a development project, for your sake.

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