Wozify Announced as a Most Reviewed Company in Hungary

Here at Wozify, it has always been our mission to help startups conquer their growth challenges through innovative technology and development solutions. Since we’ve started, our goal has been to guide our clients in navigating the modern business space. Today, we’re thrilled to share with you that we’ve been recognized as one of the most reviewed companies in Hungary on The Manifest!

If you didn’t already know, The Manifest is a B2B platform where you can find project partners and make highly informed engagement decisions.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane to see how we vied for this award:

In 2018

Shortly after selling his startup Forma Eyewear, our CEO Balázs Slezák established Wozify to create an product engineering firm that specializes in tech startups. Since then, we’ve worked closely with our clients to achieve excellent development results and build products that users love. Now, we’re the go-to partner for many businesses in Hungary when it comes to technical development solutions.

One of our first clients was Photon Technologies, and this is what they wrote about us:

“Software development for non-technical entrepreneurs is a little bit like a maze where you can get stuck for a long time. This is why it was important for me to find a partner that knows the necessary area inside out, takes us by the hand and brings our product to market (and not to another dead end). With Wozify, we experienced a never before seen precision, expertise and speed of execution. Since we’ve been working with them, my mind is always at peace because I know that our platform is in the best possible hands.“
– Sara Volom, CEO, Photon

In 2019
We continued growing rapidly in 2019 and established our position as a staple of the Hungarian startup community. The project that we are proudest this year is building a complex e-commerce solution for Mártogatós, the best known Hungarian food-tech startup. This is what they wrote about us:

There are few companies out there that are so specialized in working with startups. I believe this is because the CEO was an experienced startup entrepreneur before founding Wozify, and the startup mindset is in the company’s DNA.
– Gergő Prauda, CEO, Mártogatós

In 2020

An e-commerce jewelry retailer hired us to develop their online jewelry store. Our startup partner needed full-scale support to build a modern and elegant webshop. We handled everything from the creation and design of individual pages to the integration of a payment system.

We’re happy to receive such heartwarming praise from the client through a ratings and reviews website:

“We had no hard deadline, so enough to say we were happy with the time taken. We always knew what they were working on and what the prioritized tasks are. 

Our project was a smaller one in Wozify’s portfolio, but that never stopped them from giving the tasks proper attention.”

— Borbála Korom, Owner, Merch Hunter

In 2021

The Manifest names the most reviewed mobile app development companies in Hungary, featuring us among the top 10! Our excitement is through the roof when we received this news, and we couldn’t be any prouder of this achievement.

We’d like to thank our clients for the continued support and trust that they’ve given us throughout the years!

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