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our mission

Not everyone wants to be an engineer or a developer, but world-changing ideas can come from anyone. Our mission is to empower non-technical startup founders to reach their full potential by handling every aspect of their technology: strategy, execution and operations..

Our expertise


Ultra fast, optimized websites. Complex web applications.


Application development for iOS and Android mobile devices.


Token architecture, payment solutions, supply chain.

Applied AI

Artificial intelligence in practice: Data analysis, machine learning, bots.

Everything 3D

Development for 3D scanning, printing, medical imaging. VR / AR application development.


Corporate identity & UX

We pay special attention to creating software that is enjoyable and comfortable to use

Technical co-founder as a service


We take care of every aspect of your technology:
We help you decide what to build and with what tools to maximize your chances of reaching your next milestone. We build it for you and take care of project management. We operate your infrastructure.

Software development for non-technical entrepreneurs is a little bit like a maze where you can get stuck for a long time. This is why it was important for me to find a partner that knows the necessary area inside out, takes us by the hand and brings our product to market (and not to another dead end). With Wozify, we experienced a never before seen precision, expertise and speed of execution. Since we’ve been working with them, my mind is always at peace because I know that our platform is in the best possible hands.

Sara Volom

CEO, Photon

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