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Wozify is a technology and innovation consulting firm. Whether you need to make your organization more efficient using the latest tech, develop new products or need engineers to remotely extend your workforce, we’ve got you covered.

We know the industry standard best practices that help you make something people want, design world-class user experiences and develop scalable applications.


Web and mobile

We design and develop beautiful and easy to use web and mobile applications using the platform and tech stack best suited to your goals.

Artificial Intelligence

From speech and  image recognition to object tagging in videos, we employ deep learning technologies to put artificial intelligence to use for you. 

Space Technology

Earth Observation, remote sensing, navigation, communication: we can help you utilize these technologies to build innovative products and services.

3D printing & scanning

From “streaming” encrypted GCode directly from a web browser to automatically manipulating 3D models in the cloud to fit a 3D scanned object, we help you build applications for additive manufacturing.

Medical Applications

From analysing and correcting medical images in the cloud to developing an IoT gadget that detects anomalies in the heartbeat, we help you design, prototype and build complex medical products. 

Blockchain & Web3

Smart contracts, decentralized governance, cryptocurrency exchanges, payments, logistics and supply chain, identity management, IoT.

VR & AR & Metaverse

Virtual, augmented and mixed reality applications in games,  e-commerce & retail, healthcare, real estate, tourism, education etc.

Internet of Things

We can help you build your physical product from design through prototyping to preparing for mass manufacturing.

Jolly Joker

We build with technologies that are on the “plateu of productivity” of the hype cycle. We are always on the lookout for fancy new tech to fiddle with.



Strategy first

We take you to your next milestone in the most efficient way, be it an MVP for your first round of investment, a demo for follow-on financing or a grand product launch. We identify where you want to go, and plan the best route to get you there (which is often very different from what you might intuitively think)

Design driven

Regardless of phase, design is the most important factor in making a first impression on a customer or an investor, and User Experience is crucial in product adoption. We always start our product development process with UX design in digital and physical products alike.

Quality obsession

When building products on a budget, we must omit functionality but we never compromise on quality. We start building any kind of product with the end quality in mind. We use industry best practices and QA tools  to build your product in a quality you will be proud of.

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