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Revolutionizing Oil Rig Construction Logistics with Gekko's SaaS Platform

Industry and Expertise

Gekko serves the highly specialized oil rig construction sector, providing a SaaS platform that simplifies complex project management challenges. Their solution caters to the intricate logistics and inventory management needs inherent in building oil rigs.


January 2023 - Ongoing


Animus Technology (Gekko), a leading SaaS provider for the oil rig construction industry.

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Gekko's platform represents a paradigm shift in project management for oil rig construction, offering a comprehensive cloud-based business intelligence solution. Designed to streamline operations, Gekko's platform integrates project management tools with advanced inventory management, enabling companies to transition away from traditional, spreadsheet-based processes.

Team Composition

The project team consisted of a medior UI designer, a senior UX/UI designer, a medior front-end developer, and a project manager. This blend of expertise ensured a user-centric design approach, coupled with robust development practices.


Gekko required the development of an inventory management module for their existing data management software, aimed at eliminating the reliance on Excel spreadsheets for managing the construction of new oil rigs. The module needed to be versatile enough to manage any spreadsheet-based data and integrate smoothly with Gekko's other system modules.
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Challenges & Solutions

The primary challenge was extending Gekko's existing platform to include a logistics component that could accommodate a variety of workflows without relying on external spreadsheet software. The solution involved integrating a newly developed module with the existing backend, focusing on flexibility to handle diverse data management practices. Through collaborative efforts, the team designed a system capable of streamlining logistics tasks, enhancing efficiency, and reducing errors associated with manual spreadsheet management.

Benefits & Results

While specific quantifiable results are pending due to the ongoing nature of the project, the introduction of the inventory management module is anticipated to significantly improve operational efficiency for Gekko's clients. By automating and centralizing inventory management, companies can expect reduced overheads, improved accuracy in logistics planning, and a streamlined process for constructing oil rigs.
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Balázs Slezák

Balázs Slezák