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Achieving Efficiency and Cost Savings Through Strategic Outsourcing Partnership

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June 2022 - Ongoing


Auchan Magyarország Kft. is a Hungarian company of the international retail chain, Auchan.

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Auchan is a global retail chain that stands out in the market with its wide product range, food and non-food offer, and services.

Team Composition

1 Project manager, 1 PHP developer

Challenges & Solutions

At our client, the number of projects (domestic and corporate) justified the expansion of the developer and PM staff in order to realize the planned projects on time. This could not be solved with the existing number of staff, so they decided to expand the team, but at the same time, since it is possible that the length and number of projects are uncertain, they decided to expand externally on a daily basis instead of hiring an employee. They approached us to provide them with candidates from whom they ultimately chose. They needed a PHP junior developer who is able to work independently for their internal team on a daily basis, so they involved us in his selection. The developer has been working with them since the summer of 2022. In August 2023, they also asked for our help when they couldn't find a suitable IT project manager. We listed a number of PMs and they were able to find the one they could best work with, who had the necessary technology, domain and program knowledge, as well as sufficient experience. The PMs we provide are managed by Auchan and are part of their team, however they are contracted on a monthly basis. The contracted development staff is part of the client's lead developer team.

Benefits & Results

Since the cooperation, our client has gained thousands of hours of extra resources, an average annual cost saving of 30% due to no labour costs and the ability to stay within their annual budget.

“We requested PHP developer support from Wozify. Cooperation with them helps to simplify operational work. Wozify creates efficiency for us, we are satisfied with their work! ”

It’s totally free and comes with no strings attached

Balázs Slezák

Balázs Slezák