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Operating within the e-commerce industry, EyeLux brings a fresh approach to online eyewear shopping, focusing on customer satisfaction and convenience.


November 2022 - March 2023


EyeLux, an emerging eyewear e-commerce startup in the UK.

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In the competitive landscape of eyewear retail, EyeLux aimed to differentiate itself by offering an innovative online shopping experience. Specializing in a wide range of eyewear products, the startup sought to provide a unique service allowing customers to try up to 4 products at home for free before purchasing. To bring this vision to life, they required a custom-developed e-commerce platform that could handle a bespoke payment process and integrate additional functionalities like shipping, customer management, and newsletters.

Team Composition

The project was brought to fruition by a dedicated team of two engineers—one specializing in React for the frontend and another in Laravel for the backend—under the guidance of a project manager.


EyeLux needed a custom e-commerce platform that could support a unique try-at-home feature for up to 4 products, necessitating a bespoke payment process. The solution also required seamless integration of shipping, customer management, and newsletter functionalities, all built on the client's specific design requirements.
EyeLux Mobile Version

Challenges & Solutions

Initially, EyeLux faced setbacks with a previous agency unable to deliver a functional product. Upon taking over, our team conducted a thorough review of the existing codebase, determining that a fresh start was necessary due to the lack of usable code. With the client eager to attract investors by launching an MVP within two months, we embarked on an accelerated development process. By leveraging our expertise in Laravel and React, we developed a custom webshop from scratch, implementing the specialized try-at-home feature and custom payment process within the tight timeline.

Benefits & Results

The launch of the EyeLux webshop marked a significant milestone for the startup, generating sales from day one. This immediate success not only validated the business model but also played a crucial role in securing external capital, propelling EyeLux towards its growth objectives.
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Balázs Slezák

Balázs Slezák