Pioneering Satellite-Driven Irrigation Support for Modern Agriculture

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SpaceCrop operates within the intersection of agriculture and space technology, providing a unique solution to irrigation management through the use of advanced satellite technology and AI-driven insights.


March 2023 - August 2023


SpaceCrop, an innovative agricultural software company

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At the forefront of agricultural technology, SpaceCrop leverages satellite data and artificial intelligence to enhance irrigation management and crop resilience. Through their cutting-edge solutions, SpaceCrop aims to optimize water usage across farms, ensuring sustainability and increased crop yields.

Team Composition

The project was executed by a lean team comprising a fullstack developer and a project manager, demonstrating the capability to deliver high-impact solutions efficiently.


SpaceCrop required the development of a web application that could provide farmers with precise irrigation recommendations. Utilizing weather forecasts, satellite data, and AI-generated metrics, the app aimed to inform optimal irrigation times and quantities, promoting smart water use and enhancing crop resilience.
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Challenges & Solutions

Faced with a stringent deadline to secure future grants from the European Space Agency (ESA), SpaceCrop needed a rapid development and launch of their product. Our agency took on this challenge, efficiently managing the project's technical requirements and ensuring timely delivery. Our expertise in React, JavaScript, and Node.js allowed us to build a custom solution that met all of SpaceCrop's needs, facilitating their successful grant closure with ESA.

Benefits & Results

The successful launch of the SpaceCrop application not only secured essential ESA grant funding but also expanded the company's reach to farmers in multiple countries. By providing an innovative tool for irrigation management, SpaceCrop has made strides in promoting sustainable agriculture practices globally.
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Client Review

“Wozify delivered the software with all our requirements within 1.5 months. As a result, we could provide the software to the farmers as scheduled. Wozify was efficient, effective, collaborative, and able to work within the budget.”
Mary Grace GascoChief Executive Officer, SpaceCrop

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