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Revolutionizing Veterinary Practice Management

Industry and Expertise

Veterinary medicine, veterinary practice software (when we received the project the development was already started, as a first step we had to refactor, then plan the goals, road map and reach the production copies through sprints). The next step is multilingualization. An online, cloud-based veterinary practice management software that provides veterinary clinics with patient registration, company management and professional support functions all in one.


november 2022 - Ongoing


Tolnagro Ltd. is a leading company in the field of veterinary medicine and animal healthcare.

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Offering high quality products and services, Tolnagro distributes a wide range of veterinary medicines, nutritional supplements, veterinary equipment, apiculture products and pet supplies. The company's activities include running pharmacies, employing a dedicated team of professionals and maintaining close relationships with both customers and suppliers. In a spirit of continuous improvement and customer satisfaction, Tolnagro strives to meet the diverse needs of its partners in the agricultural and veterinary sectors.

Team Composition

The project involved 1 senior lead developer, 1 PM, 1 junior PHP developer from our side. The client side was made up of the rest of the team: PO, junior and medior developers and the testing team.


The prerequisite for consulting (lead developer management of the project) was that our team had a developer who was able to manage such a large development and manage a team. His supervision ensures the complete success of the project.
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Challenges & Solutions

We were asked for technological management (regarding development and operation) as an external expert, as they were stuck in-house with software product development. In-house IT knowledge was at the junior-medior level. In addition, the quality of the code had to be reviewed, as it became unstable, and further development was hindered by its structure. Refactoring the code was the first task, then determining the next steps. We provide them with a lead developer who not only coordinates development, but also determines the course of development. In consultation with the client, we put together a road map, the basis of which was provided by the business goals set by the client. We coordinate, control and help with the steps necessary to achieve the goals. We also provide partial project management and an additional PHP developer on a T&M basis. Regarding product testing, we prepared a complete product specification for the software required to manage test scenarios and test protocols. We designed the entire architecture for switching from singletenant to multitenant, as well as an ecosystem of an environment where testing ongoing developments and reproducing bugs in live environments does not affect the sale and use of SAAS services.

Benefits & Results

The achievement of the business goal does not have to be implemented and managed exclusively with in-house capacity. The development of the product is continuous based on a pre-planned, accountable schedule. The modernization of the product and user requests since its introduction are progressing on schedule. Based on our best practices, we have also developed automated devops processes. During joint work, our client's developers continuously expand their knowledge, as our lead developer also functions as their mentor
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“Wozify has successfully delivered the project within the agreed-upon timeframe. Their communication via email and phone calls has ensured a smooth development process. They explain every point of view beforehand.”
Head of Innovation & QA, Tolnagro

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Balázs Slezák

Balázs Slezák